Information: Data Projections

The data projections dashboard, available to Pro users, helps to visualise the direction a game is headed in. Using past data, data projections calculate the past trend in visitors, player count, playtime and sort positions, and use this to project a visualisation of the direction a game is headed in, estimating where the game would be in a day, week, or month down the line were the current trend to continue.

This data is most helpful for understanding what effect changes to your game are having on your players and revenue. You can then use projections all the way through the process of improving your game – make changes, then check back in a few days or weeks to see what effect this has had on the trajectory of your game.

It’s important to note that projections are not intended as a prediction or estimation tool for where games will be independent of outside variables. There are many things independent of the gameplay experience that can cause your game to improve or to slow down, for example marketing, featuring or seasonal changes. You should take these into account when looking at the data, as well as changes you’ve made to the game itself.

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