Information: Free tier request limits

If you’re an RTrack user on the free tier, you may occasionally come across this notice:

Why are there request limits?

These request limits are in place for a few reasons, the first of which is that they help to prevent RTrack being overloaded with requests. To make sure the service stays fast and responsive for everyone.

The second reason is that RTrack is a paid service, and we have big costs to cover especially in hosting and processing data. If you’re using RTrack for anything more than personal small scale use, purchasing a membership helps us to cover the costs of the service.

What counts as a request?

Requests are sets of data requested from RTrack’s servers under a single endpoint. On the dashboard, each graph makes it’s own request, and the insights are all requested at once under one request. That means that each time you view a game dashboard, you’re going to be using around 5 requests. Changing the length of time you’re viewing on the dashboard with the dropdown also uses requests, as each graph must be requested again.