Information: Roblox Market Sort Comparator (Complete Feature)

The market sort comparator tool is a feature available to RTrack Complete Users, which allows you to compare up to 500 games on their positions in sorts. The tool is useful in identifying outliers and trends in Roblox game monetisation and the relationships between players and revenue.

How to set up the tool

The tool has two options, a sort dropdown and a dropdown to pick the number of games to show.

Sort Dropdown

This allows you to pick the ‘dominant’ sort, which is what the data will be sorted by. This dropdown defines how the number of games picked with the second dropdown will be sorted.

Game Count Dropdown

This specifies how many top games from this sort to show. For example in the screenshot, the Top 100 games ordered by Concurrent players will be loaded onto the visualisation.

Interpreting the visualisations from the tool

The market sort comparator can be very useful for overall market analysis, and for understanding how a specific game fits into the market. Let’s take for example the Top 100 games by concurrent, by picking concurrent as the sort, the other axis will automatically be top earning:

Top 100 Games by Concurrent vs Their Top Earning sort position
Conclusions from this visualisation

From this visualisation a few conclusions can immediately be drawn. It’s clear from the distribution of the games that the top 20 Games follow a very similar trend. Their concurrent rank and top earning positions are very similar, so they are grouped towards the bottom left of the graph. We can see that there is one outlier, which in this case is ‘Gacha Online’. What’s clear here is that this game does very well in terms of concurrent, but that their monetisation is much worse than the other games in the Top 20.

Applications for this data

As a market insight tool, this allows you to identify trends in the top Roblox games, and also to identify genres or specific games that are outliers in these trends.