Information: How are games indexed?

Games get indexed on RTrack automatically when they reach the following requirements: Must contain more than 1 concurrent player for more than 5 minutes and; The game cannot be shadowbanned (hidden) in sorts by Roblox Alternatively, you can select your game by searching the ID of your Roblox game: Mulletsgavin is a cool dude who […]

Information: What are Roblox visits?

‘Visits’ are a term used on Roblox to refer to gameplay sessions, also shown on all RTrack Dashboards. This value shows how many times the game has been joined, and is independent from individual users – i.e. not a measure of unique players. This value should also be further investigated in some cases, as players […]

Information: Data Projections

The data projections dashboard, available to Pro users, helps to visualise the direction a game is headed in. Using past data, data projections calculate the past trend in visitors, player count, playtime and sort positions, and use this to project a visualisation of the direction a game is headed in, estimating where the game would […]